Over The Edge

Digital animation

Every Second

Digital 2D animation - 4k - 72dpi

The Lost T-Shirt

"The Lost T-Shirt" offers a space for reflection on life, changes and the ability to face challenges with a smile. The animation invites us...

Rolling on the Winds

The Edge


“Hanged” is an exciting digital animation that transports viewers to a surreal and fascinating world, where hanging clothes come to life...

Walking by

"Walking by" celebrates the complexity of human emotions and each individual's unique journey through life, all with an engaging and...

Symphony of Terror

"Symphony of Terror" captures the emotional turmoil of a child in a context of war. The scene takes place at night, through the windows of...

Crime Scene

Scenes of The Crime collection

I'll meet you at the playground

A Day in Japan collection - scene n. 5

Walking by the stream

A Day in Japan collection - scene n. 2

At the Chozuya

A Day in Japan collection - scene n. 6

お寿司屋さんで (At a sushi restaurant)

Scene 7: At a sushi restaurant Nigiri are eaten with your hands, in a single bite, as mother teaches !! File format: MP4 - H.264 Size: 4k...

Murder Room

Scenes of The Crime collection

Time Lapse

A glimpse of a couple of skyscrapers with the reflection of the sea and the sky Digital 2d timelapse effect from day to night. From a blue...

Bon Voyage

An idea with point of view from a car window of a dystopian Hawaiian atmosphere digital animation 4K, srgb 72dpi Vintage effect

Late Night Gas

The mystery of the hanged man Digital animation 3840x2160px 72dpi

Thrill in the forest

POV: A flashlight beacon illuminates the dense forest. Look for something..... until it illuminates the crime scene Digital animation

Under the sea

A mystery in the middle of the sea Digital animation